Color Helper

Color Helper is a prototype of an assistive tool to help blind and blind-color people.

The prototype “reads” the color from a piece of cloth, as it is shown in this video [ audio in portuguese ]:

Although the prototype works only with a small color range, the final idea would be a solution that recognizes a large color range and patterns, being also able to suggest good clothes combination based on colors and patterns.

This project has been developed with the objective of learning how to use Lego Mindstorms, a technology that can be used to show how effective a project concept is.

Images from the process to develop Color Helper

In this project I had the opportunity of helping to:

  • define the project objective;
  • set the pieces distribution in a more usable way;
  • code the tool functions.

  • The complete project can be seen here.

    The project team also includes: Rodrigo Genu, Raphael Neto and Pedro Prá.