Nature Angel

Fictitious wii box for Nature Angel game                                                                                                *Links content in portuguese.
Nature Angel is the concept of a game for Wii.

The player’s goal on each stage of the game is to kill all the individuals involved in a certain environmental crime. Each stage is about a different environmental crime (wildlife trafficking, illegal logging, unregulated fishing, etc).

Although the game is extremely violent, the objective of this activity was to explore the subject – violence – developing critical thinking.

This way, the goals that guided the game design were:

  • Attract players through explicit violence
  • Show the chains that are related to several kinds of violence against nature
  • Stimulate critical thinking into the player in a way that he could also question even his consumption habits

    We used tools and techniques such as mindmap, storyboard, sketch and bodystorm in order to represent the ideas and improve the understanding of the game proposal.
    Some images from the design process to make Nature Angel project

    The results were the game bible and demo video below:

    The complete project can be seen here.

    The project team also includes: Raphael Giuliano and Tiago Pessoa.