Comuna (content in portuguese) is my final work for the post-graduate course in User Interaction at Instituto Faber Ludens.

The goal is the design of a medium (a system) that allows people that are physically close to know each other. The idea is that these people can support each other as if they were family, just like the neighborhoods in the past.

We defined our own process adapted to our needs that comprises:
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1) Refinement of the target audience

After applying the cultural probe “What do I want close to me?” we found out a need. In this first step the probe must be applied in scale in order to find out who is the target audience that owns this need that we perceived. The result can be seen here.


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2) Mapping needs, realities, target audience limitations

After defining the target audience we have to know it better so that we can design with focus on this group.
Activities: Self-documentation with picture, Social Network Mapping and Personal Inventory . Each activity was accompanied by an interview.


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3) Refinement of the proposal

With a better understanding of the target audience, the collected information must be organized.
Activities: Personas, Affinity Diagram, List of features and Storyboard


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4) Validation of the Proposal

With the solution in mind, validate using the Scenario Testing method.


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5) System Prototyping

Once the proposal is validated, we start prototyping.
Activities: Wireframes, Wireflows and Functional prototypes (HTML + physical prototype + Arduino)


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6) User testing

Using the functional prototypes, we apply tests with end users in order to receive feedback about possible impacts perceived from the system.



So far we have finished the stage of researches, which are fully documented.