Emotional factor analysis for systems

This image shows the academic projects that had been the base for the research

This is a study which analyzed several academic articles about HCI projects that focused in the emotional factor. Based on those analysis I collected the topics that were common among the projects. These topics indicate which aspects should be considered in solutions that must involve the user emotionally.

The topics are:

  • Option to decide: Allow the user to control what he wants to express and how to manifest something
  • Cross different types of information: when analyzing the user reaction, cross conscious responses against physical responses
  • Allow active manifestation: Avoid systems that simply relay physical responses, instead always allow the user also insert his intentional responses
  • Freedom for building information: So that the user can print his own identity or use symbols that are common in his community


Presentation (content in Portuguese):

Complete work(content in Portuguese).

This work is the final project of a post-graduate course about user interfaces in the Institute of Computing – UNICAMP, taught by Professor Cecília Baranauskas.