Day by day

Woman drawing a diagramBelow there is a brief description of my daily work.

Usually I analyze the project needs, asking clients the goals and the user profile. When clients do not know who is the user, I propose a research to discover the target based on other data.

Depending on the project, I make more research (like web research about the business, user interviews, observation, etc) to understand the user routine and needs. When applicable, I make personas.

Then I effectively start drawing the solution, providing wireframes and workflows. These methods help me to find usability and flow problems. I also use then to apply scenario and user tests, verify usability heuristic and validate client goals.

The final wireframe is used by visual designers so they can provide a pleasant user interface. Since I have already worked as visual designer, I usually evaluate the result to guarantee that the UI reaches the target and also still has a great usability. The final wireframe is also used by the development team. They check if there is some technical constraint and understand how the software should work. During the development I can also answer some questions about the solution.

When the product is finished, depending on the project, I verify how the final product works, to guarantee that it will meet the end user and the client goals.

That’s all, folks!