You can see my detailed experience at Linkedin. I also provide below the same information in images and graphs, to make it easier and faster to see my experience.

Places where I studied.

UNICAMP (college), Faber Ludens (post-graduation), Unicamp+Unifor+Impacta+JumpEducation+Adaptworks (Other courses)

I worked in projects for the following companies:

Samsung, LG, Motorola, Positivo, Epson, Microsoft, Foxconn, Semp Toshiba


Detailed experience

I have the development background, what helps me to communicate with the team. In the last years I have been focusing my work in activities centered in the user experience:

UX Design, Usability Analysis, Informatio Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Development and Leadership



In the last 3 years, I worked with the following platforms:
Web, mobile, desktop and others


You can see more graphs from my experience here.